Discover the secret…
Of dance movement to transform your life

This introductory movement series
will support you in rekindling your
Lust for Life.

  • Support and nurture yourself and create self-love ritual
  • Unlock body confidence and reconnect to your love and appreciation for yourself
  • Fun way to start your day and shift the energy quickly when need an intervention away from negativity

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Freedom Model

Are you ready to live your WildHearted life?

The Freedom Model is an 11 module e-course you can take at your own pace to learn how to live your fullest life without attachment to expected outcomes. Learn to create the future you want and visualize it. This course provides you with tools you can use for the rest of your life!

What People Are Saying About WildHeart

“Angela has been an inspiration and motivation in my own life both professionally and personally.”

–  Allison –

“Angela has so much amazing power to help people discover more about themselves.”

–  Mary Ellen –

“You are the one who brought aerials to Knoxville and gave me the opportunity to get into aerials. I want to make sure you know that I am grateful to you. Thank you. You will always be part of us. “

–  Julie –

“I think you are a hippy chick with a princess’s pallet for funny martinis. I’d say you glow brightest without concrete between your toes and the earth.”

–  Mark-

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Finding My Voice

Finding My Voice

ANGELA HOWARDI was emailing with an old friend whom I have not seen in over 10 years and he shared a memory that I had forgotten, but it reminded me of the fear I had around singing with anyone around…. He wrote: “I remember the night we went to Leanne’s house and I...

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ANGELA HOWARDIt was one of “those” days. On top of the regular stress of running an environmental non-profit organization, getting a teenage boy ready for college, being available for my 91 year old mother…I was PMSing. This particular time of the month, the week...

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The Flying Trapeze & Its Metaphors For Life

The Flying Trapeze & Its Metaphors For Life

ANGELA HOWARD “Choose to do something different, something edgy outside comfort zone for whatever reason” I was introduced to the flying trapeze while on staff at the Omega Institute. I was teaching holistic studies through the modality of somatic movement therapy,...

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