Create FREEDOM for the mind, body, and soul through

WildHeart Somatic Expressive Method ™


Shift our awareness with each movement
Acknowledge the pain, discomfort and discourse without judgement
Express the negative and the positive to clear the way for choice of response
Connect to our inner creative, intuitive, to our heart and then with each other

New Book Releasing Summer 2024!

The Issues in Your Tissues:
How to Navigate Life Through Your Body’s Messaging
By Angela Howard


Book’s purpose: By learning how to diagnose and navigate around discomfort, fear, and trauma using the Wildheart Somatic Expressive Method™, readers can reconnect with their bodies and begin living more vivacious, vibrant, and fulfilling lives.

“Somatic Movement enhances human function and body-mind integration through mindful and restorative movement.
Somatic Movement Education and Therapy supports homeostasis, co-regulation and neuro-plasticity in our students and clients”

-International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association (ISMETA)

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