Dec 11, 2020

It was one of “those” days. On top of the regular stress of running an environmental non-profit organization, getting a teenage boy ready for college, being available for my 91 year old mother…I was PMSing. This particular time of the month, the week before “Aunt Flow” comes for a visit, is a tense time for me and everyone around me. My patience, which is not great anyway, is wicked short, my 3 second monitor on audible outflow disappears and everything seems to be a pain in the rear. Even in my fog, I noticed the stellar weather surrounding me and my beau and I decided to ride. Smart move on his part even if the ride was just to keep me occupied as I stewed.

I had just reconnected with the 80’s band STYX and had downloaded one of their first albums on my phone for listening. There was very little talking between me and the beau as I fumbled around getting ready. Fumbling is another thing that happens during this time of the month; I call it the “dropsies”. We geared up and I stuck my earphones in my ears under my helmet and cued the music up. We took off and all I wanted to do was follow and not think. I cranked up the tunes and let “Black Beauty” ( my bike’s name) take me for a ride. Styx ,the band, is a classic 80s head-banging genre, with electric guitars, one of the world’s best drummers and an enigmatic organist. The river Styx, in Greek mythology , separates Earth from the Underworld. Apropos, since I was feeling stuck somewhere between Earth and the Underworld. I began to sing at the top of my lungs , screaming the words to every song hoping the bugs would be properly deflected by my windshield. Mind you, my bike is pretty loud, so it was safe to audibly blare at that level. It must have been the external intensity of all the elements, blaring music, and audible release that matched the internal intensity of the PMS symptoms. By the middle of our 4 hour ride, I was neutralized.

I must have ridden through the river Styx back to earth where I found myself happy and human again. The rest of our ride I just enjoyed the music and marveled at how I remembered every word. That ride was Rx for PMS .

The picture is from that ride. I was transformed.

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