The Seed of WildHeart

Nov 27, 2020

“My connection with Thera – original issue mustang. Genetics of the first wild mustangs in US. She energetically represents good and healthy boundaries. She was abused, scheduled to reproduce foals then on to the glue factory before she was rescued. She is not a big fan of humans understandably and has felt cheated from her original purpose here on earth…that of a wild and free Mustang……

I sat in the dirt of Thera’s coral and began to connect with her with my eyes closed. I braced myself by placing my hands firmly on the ground beside my crossed legs. When we connected, my heart with her heart, exploded into a run through the plains, sand. WILD FREE WILD HEART!

I began to cry as my heart burst open in full connection with her in an all-out run. She looks at me and says, “come on wild heart!” Message? I asked… SHOW US YOUR WILD HEART!“

Excerpt from Diary Pilot Point, TX 4/6/19

Do not rein it in, don’t harness it/me. Don’t hide! Tears, tears, tears, of understanding. She connected with me there/here and my spine began to vibrate and spiral; it wiggled uncontrollably like a snake. I felt the connection of earth and heaven through my body. I / it / my body seemed to disappear….and Thera got closer to me…very close… and when I opened my eyes and connected with her, I really cried.Throat felt tight so it was expressing my wild heart through my writing holding nothing back……. More tears…. release…. grounded understanding.

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